Having a spiritual life means engaging in a practice that aligns and connects us with Divinity, preferably while holding a grounded and rational perspective on reality.  A powerful spiritual practice can raise our consciousness, the filmy tether that ties our material body back to Divine Source.  At CoSM we are exploring how creative lives are entwined with a higher power. Wisdom traditions all emphasize truth, justice, compassion, forgiveness, charity, and creativity as foundational to human civilization. A spiritual life should provide a moral compass, guidance on a way that we can become better people in our world as it is today. Every person has a unique way to serve God. There is nothing presently more important than waking up to the ecological imperative. Realizing the sacred preciousness of life on the earth created by infinite intelligence, we must do whatever we can to preserve and restore the web of life.

With the presence of God, we appreciate that all the gifts of life, everyone and everything, come from the spiritual source of love. Tune into Creative Force and Primordial Awareness. Praise the Atman in the Brahman, Buddhamind,  Aton, Adonai, Christ Consciousness, Allah, Sophia, the Goddess in all her dimensions, all expressions of the Holy One, the Cosmic Source, the All as it is, and as it is evolving.

Sharing creations that serve love and truth is our spiritual path and practice. God is the Divine Artist, and the cosmos an unfinished masterwork of Creation. All world religions have sacred art and architecture, music, dance and scripture. The visionary mystical creative imagination is part of all wisdom traditions, and manifests through sacred art and artifacts. When art is your religion you are connected with all world religions. Our consciousness is the ultimate artistic medium. We sculpt our thoughts.  Contemplated aesthetically, we open to the unique beauty of each moment. Authors of the story of our own lives, we wrestle and co-create in harmony with the force of the universe.

An effective spiritual practice addresses our connection to the light and integrates our shadow. Art as a spiritual practice can be cathartic and healing, allowing the artist to objectify their emotional or subjective state, a prerequisite to transformation. When we are depressed we may paint darkly. With the monster "out of the box," the depression now portrayed on the canvas, we can observe our depression, reflect upon it and transcend and integrate our shadow. Our art has become a healing force.


Chicago, here we come!  For the purpose of mass revelry and ecstatic evolutionary uplift, we hit the Chicago stage this week. All proceeds from our trips are dedicated to the building of Entheon, sanctuary of visionary art at CoSM. Thank you to our community who is building sacred space with us. Tonight, Thursday, we will meet, greet and sign books at Made Gallery for the Re:Vision Pre-Party. On Friday night, join us for the big Re:Vision event featuring extraordinary DJ's and custom video projections by dear friend, Johnathan Singer, The Lightslinger, whose video mapped Entheon DJ booth and sculpted Sacred Mirror frames blew minds recently in San Francisco. Johnathan will be joined by Radioeditav from Pretty Lights with a surprise stage design. Come early for our talk on Sacramental Culture and hear an update on the building of Entheon, stay until 2am to dance and consort while we paint on stage at the magnificent Alhambra Palace.

Bicycle Day at the Regency Stage Set

Entheon Steeple Head Painting

Steeple Head Painted Scultpure

The recently finished Steeplehead painting has been used in the poster for the Chicago Re:Vision show.  A sculptural Steeplehead will crown CoSM's Visionary Art Sanctuary, Entheon.  The Steeplehead is a four-faced being that symbolizes people of the four directions coming together in Visionary Oneness. See you there!


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