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Experience God as the Divine Artist and Cosmos as the masterwork of Creation.  The Transcendental Unmanifest Realm is mirrored in our Immanent Manifest Realm.  We are all Sacred Mirrors, reflections of the Divine.  Since God is the creator we are also creators, co-creators.  The creative impulse is inherently evolutionary because it resists known pathways and seeks a new adaptation, a new style, sound, method, or understanding uniquely suited to the new moment.  Every moment is fresh, unknown, with the freedom to develop in any way – this is the power and message of Art for the Soul’s renewal.

When we recognize our own roles as creators of our reality, we are no longer a victim of our circumstances, and are empowered to activate our own imagination and intention to create the life we love.

God makes love to us through the Visionary experience.  The Mystic Visionary opens their spiritual eye and beholds the conjunction of love and beauty as the basis and wonder of creation.  Mystic Art provides a means for both artist and viewer to align with the creative force and unite with God through contemplation of Cosmic symbolism.   We reflect on visionary art, in order to glimpse the Divine Imagination and align ourselves with God.  Beauty attracts us by the shine of the divine – it’s God that’s the true magnet in Beauty.

Reflection is seeing as a spiritual practice.  The Great Wisdom masters and traditions hold up a sacred mirror of the universal light of love.  Reflection is clarified attunement to the cosmic symbolism in life and recognition of the Godself in everyone. When sacred mirrors face each other, the infinite is revealed.

Each of us is an utterly unique reflection of the divine.  Every moment we can choose to see ourselves, every other, our world and cosmos as Sacred Mirrors, opportunities to recognize God’s presence.  This transformative view relies on the fundamental mystic insight of unity across all dimensions of the immanent and transcendental order.  How each of us see ourselves and our world sets our path in life. Our worldview determines how we treat each other and the environment, so it is crucial that we awaken to our highest possibility.  What we think and believe are the boundaries, limits, and possibilities of who we are and what we can create and become.  Our consciousness evolves through phases from a primal to a more elevated worldview.  The function of spiritual teachings and practice is to catalyze the phase shifts toward identifying oneself as a Sacred Mirror.  Our responsibility in establishing this view, how the world and self can be seen, is the focus of CoSM’s approach.

Love is the Universal Religion, Art is Universal Religious Expression.

Mysticism is the primary religious experience whose chief emissary is Art.  Creativity is the taproot of the Sacred.  Creativity is sacred behavior.  Creation = Love .

Founding a church where Art is our Religion connects us with all wisdom traditions – because all religions manifest sacred art and architecture.  In order to know the meaning of the Art of the past we must understand the religion.  Connecting with the Great Religious Traditions through their art is a form of worship.  The history of Art becomes your link to universal spirit and artists participate in the prophetic lineage by receiving and transmitting the iconography of the evolution of consciousness from prehistoric cave painting through magic mythic archetypes to modern, post-modern art, the arc of the developing soul of humanity is etched into the arts.  We contact where we’ve been as a species and may project where we are going.  The key ingredient in the arts is creativity, a channel open to divine intelligence and flow that transcends dogma and enables the Spirit to make contact with the material world.  The eternal God touches our hearts through Beauty in Nature, the imagination and the Arts.

When creativity is recognized as spiritual practice, Art becomes an offering to uplift humanity and serve God.  Art is the longest continuously living spiritual tradition – or religion – of humanity.  The mystical experience is always beyond words, thus art, music, poetry is the only language capable of transmitting the ecstatic spirit directly.  Art transcends yet incorporates all beliefs.  A true Gnostic path, the study of art of all cultures familiarizes us with worldviews outside of our own limitations, promoting tolerance and respect for differences – values necessary for human survival.

CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors recognizes Art as the holy practice it is, Art is our Religion.
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