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Imagine us all as Soulbirds tweeting in a worldwide electro-neural forest, each with a unique song.  Our songs echo over the surface of the earth sculpting ghostly waves of light, pulsing and evolving, like flocks of intelligent photons migrating through geographies, biographies, and theographies.  Our web conversations and transmissions become part of the earths thinking layer, it's Noosphere, because of the previously nonexistent opportunities for interconnectedness. People are united by a community of interests. What we care about brings us together.

Sending a tweet means essentializing a thought into 140 characters and spaces. It is a mental exercise that forces us to create a gem of an idea. Sometimes a tweet gets re-tweeted and it echoes through the Noosphere.  Please "follow" us on twitter and get up to the minute updates and behind the scene pix. Here are some samples:

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