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Saturday December 15,

12pm - 5pm CoSM Shop & Cafe

will be open to the public!

Come shop at CoSM Gift Store for all your seasonal gifts!

Special Discounts on CoSM Merchandise now through December 31st!

$5 off All CoSM Posters, Gelaskins and HardCases

50% off All CoSM Stickers and NoteCards

All proceeds go to supporting the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and building a permanent gallery for the CoSM collection.

Thanks to so many for purchasing the Net of Being book on Alex's birthday week. There is still time to get your book by the holidays.

Here are some other CoSM ideas for holiday giving:

Books by Alex Grey include Sacred Mirrors, Transfigurations, Net of Being plus The Mission of Art and Art Psalms.
The whole set makes a spectacular gift for a friend or family member. This work is a bridge of beauty & wisdom.

Art Psalms is the first "liturgy" of CoSM. The power of art as a transformative path is the theme of this inspiring collection. Art Psalms  combines poems, pictures, and “mystic rants” that fuse visionary creativity and spirituality, showing that both art’s creation and observation can be a practice of love and communion with the divine. The Mission of Art is an inspirational book about art's power to bring about personal catharsis and spiritual awakening. Included are reflections on art history and on creating art that touches the borders of consciousness, plus practical techniques and exercises for exploring the spiritual dimension of art. Challenging and thought-provoking, The Mission of Art will be enjoyed by everyone who has ever contemplated the deeper purpose of artistic expression. To own or give one or all of these books signed by the author, please purchase from CoSM Shop. A membership to CoSM offers a year of Full Moon ceremonies and Art Churches, a CoSM Journal and discounts on all CoSM events.

Original paintings and drawings are available and make a real center piece for holiday giving and in your home.

Please call CoSM Office to purchase original art. (845-297-2323; M-F 10-6)

Lightworker, etching on paper, edition of 60, 2010 -- $700 framed In his preparation for the major Lightworker painting, Alex created a small edition of hand drawn etchings using classic techniques. 

"Lightworker portrays a man holding a lightning bolt in the shape of a sine wave, the universal symbol of energy. There is danger in the task, he treads a thin wire. The saw blade halo around his head represents the incisive brilliance that cuts through obstacles with sharp vision. Over his head spirals a funnel of golden flame signifying the higher source that ultimately guides all good works. The transparent anatomical figure characterizes a universal human defined by science. This x-ray view into a imaginal world reveals a subtle energetic matrix enveloping the Lightworker. Every pulse of energy or information flowing through a wire or through space is powered by human intelligence. The intention of the Lightworker image is to inspire an uplifting vision commemorating the heroic efforts made by those that bring us the energy, information, light and wisdom we gratefully utilize in our lives. -- excerpt from Net of Being by Alex Grey


CoSM Elf
, pencil on vellum, 36" x 36" (framed), 2003 -- $8,000

This exquisitely detailed pencil sketch of Cosmic Elf was created as a preliminary sketch for "Untying the Not," an album by the beloved jam band, SCI. Drawn on archival vellum, this work is attractively framed with a moulding design resonant with the "knot tying" theme. Future generations will treasure this valuable study representing a vision of interconnectedness and powerful subtle energy.

"One Taste" represents intimate love. Reproduced in the just released book, Net of Being, this extraordinarily detailed painting by Alex Grey will be cherished by the perfect home.
Now $25,000.






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