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The subject tonight is Love

And for tomorrow night as well,

As a matter of fact

I know of no better topic

For us to discuss

Until the end of time!

– Hafiz

The existence and importance of compassion in human relationships and throughout nature, proves that love is a cosmic force, a power latent in the evolving Universe.  Love is the most powerful force, ultimately, because our personal existence is often judged on whether we have found it and cherished it in our lifetimes. Did we treat love in a holy way, with a respect we only give to our own source?

Today we pray that all beings know love, wholeness and sufficiency. May the infinite Love and Intelligence of Spirit bless Nature and the web of life with new strategies of healing and recovery, allowing us to embody resilience and assist and embrace the eco-meme in our midst.  Come celebrate with the Love tribe at CoSM this Full Moon weekend.


This Saturday's

Full Moon Workshop on Visionary Permaculture is being lead by one of CoSM's most beloved friends, Delvin Solkinson. Here is where you can learn more about the important subject of right relationship with our environment and see whether you want to go deeper and enroll in the year long course.  Love and respect for the Earth is what motivates a person to study Permaculture.  Permaculture looks to the operating system and design principles guiding nature. Utilizing understandings from traditional cultures as well as modern science, permaculture is a design approach for creating regenerative, ecological homes, gardens, farms, parks, neighborhoods and wild spaces. Applying nature to culture, permaculture also imagines a redesign of the 'invisible structures' in society like education, business, governance and economics.

Gather with a group of conscious learners to explore the CoSM land and ecological community while sharing in a unique and creative introduction to the permaculture metaprogram. See how permaculture has been applied to CoSM using design methods that can also apply to your home and community, landscape and lifestyle.



To honor Valentine's Day,we will lead Art Church with an illustrated interactive discussion about Sacred Couples. While statistics may tell us that 50% of marriages end in divorce, what of the other 50%? What is the recipe for choosing the best mate and remaining in love? Join in a discussion on why successful relationships are evolutionary. Hear how biological strategies like adaptability, symbiosis and "survival of the fittest" apply to relationship choices and sustainability.What is the anatomy of a healthy disagreement? Can "reciprocal altruism" result in a holy love pact that lasts a lifetime? It is our experience that a transformative bond can activate a spiritual/creative life and open a universe of possibilities otherwise unimaginable. Come to CoSM for the entire Art Church journey that will start and end with art making and discussion of how we can have the undeniable treasure -- a life in love.

Bring your own art supplies for the most enjoyment.  A sketch book and colored pencils, pens or a watercolor set is plenty.  Paper and markers will be available for all.  Come have fun, make art together and contemplate the mysteries of life at Art Church.


Alex & Allyson

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