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Best-­selling author, world traveler, and gourmet chocolatier, David Wolfe, the "rock star of health", graced CoSM with an intimate chat on the wonders & origins of the world's number one "Super Food": CHOCOLATE!  David shared the historic and shamanic use of chocolate and the healing and beautifying nutritional properties known to increase sensuality, and raise consciousness. A tasting of "Sacred Chocolate," David's line of alchemical chocolates, nourished the body and mind and all who attended. To enjoy David Wolfe's "BEST CHOCOLATE EVER," visit Learn more about David Wolfe at

5P3A1345Alex and Allyson introduce their dear friend, the world-renowned David Wolfe.

David shares his nutritional insights with the crowd

"Sacred Chocolate" and other David Wolfe health products represented by chocolatier friends.

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