An angel asked me these questions…


How many times a day are you praying?

You can say that your life or your art is a prayer, but is it?

Are you haphazard about your connection with God?

Does your prayer or your practice leave you ecstatically melted into Godhood?

Or are your days a dreary blur?


Rigor is called for.

Waver your line and your drawing is wrong, weak, unobservant.

Bring your commitment to the line between your soul and the Infinite.

Increase your powers of sharp observation.  

Draw yourself closer to God.

Feel the hug of the Absolute and Thank Grace for your breath. 

For a Saint, every breath is a prayer. 

Ever mindful, every step for a monk brings them toward Buddha or Christ.

Even to merging with BuddhaMind or Christ Consciousness, 

Walking their body like a good master walks a dog, 

So walk your God.


Draw your God.

Breath your God.

Divine remembrance 

And the parched soil of your Soul 

Absorbs the perpetual rain of Love going on.

Eternally you are bathed, baptized in Light and Love.


Are you feeling it?

Come closer.

Hear your blood pumping?

It’s a thunderstorm of Love.

Taste your saliva?

Who is not anointed?

When you are dead you are home.

Why forget God when your bones are moved by the Infinite One?

Your body is prayer.

Let your breath be Gods kiss. 

Smile in the Bliss of Divine Remembrance

And the elaborate trap of the EarthBody, 

With your specific life story 

And all the woe and weeping 

Is consumed in the Transcendental Sun.


Radiant now.

Keep breathing, the air is prayer.

Feel the warm tingles in your flesh?

That is the gentle fire of Divine Remembrance.

The sunshine of your Soul

Shine on.

The angels are calling you to prayer.

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