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Make Father's Day visionary with a gift from the CoSM Shop - $10 OFF Purchases of $100 with code: DADSARERAD this weekend only... Plus, Posters are Buy 2 Get 1 Free! >> . Proceeds support the building of Entheon, Sanctuary of Visionary Art. . Featured Poster : Eclipse, by Alex Grey. Painted at the Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017 . . #dadsarerad #fathersday #cooldad #cosm #chapelofsacredmirrors #visionaryart #visionaryculture #trippy
See you this weekend for the Full Moon Gathering at the @chapelofsacredmirrors! Stay into Sunday for a special Art Church Journey and discussion on the Light Body. Register at . Featured art: "Diamond Being," by Alex Grey, 2003, oil on wood panel.
The mystical visionary experience is a transpersonal love affair with God that convinces us of unity with Creator and Creation. . Featured art: "Cosmic Creativity," by Alex Grey, 2012, acrylic on canvas.
Heading down to NYC on Friday. Join us for a discussion on the Inevitable Consequence of Love. Meet elders, teachers, indigenous wisdom keepers, artists, philosophers, and freethinkers from around the globe. Register at >> . Featuring special presentations by: Chief Arvol Looking Horse and Paula Looking Horse Deepak Chopra Maestro Domingo Dias Porta and Maria Guadalupe Abundis de Dias Maestro Manual Rufino Joanne Shenandoah Alex and Allyson Grey Rabbi Yom Tov Glasser Tata Pedro Cruz and Nana Marina Cruz Melanie Stoneman and Mary Ann Bear Heels Kumu Hula Ali'i Kahuna Nui Ehulani José de Lima Kaxinawá Leopardo and Yawa Bane of the Hunikuin Tito La Rosa
The web of Love is the greatest, rarest, and most infinite treasure in the Galaxies. . Featured art: "One" by Alex Grey, 1999-2000, oil on linen.
Nature is miraculous! Pilgrimage to the @chapelofsacredmirrors this Saturday, 6/15 for a special Full Moon workshop on Permaculture Design. Led by @visionary_permaculture experts, Delvin and Grace Solkinson. Learn more and sign up at . Featured art: "Hummingbird," by Alex Grey, 2005, acrylic on wood. . . ⁣#saveplanetearth #natureforthewin #permaculture #lifedesign #nextlevel #regenerate #evolution #earthcare #peoplecare #futurecare
Life is infinite creative joy. Enjoyment and participation in this creative play is the artist's profound joy. . Featured art: "Third Eye Tears of Joy," by Alex Grey, 2014, acrylic on linen.
CoSM has a beautiful new sculpture in this D’vine child “Ivy” created by artists Amy Senn & John Shook @artofamysenn @diverse_medium Thank you dear friends for collaborating on this woodland sprite! Amy sent a description of this project: For this sculpture, wood was harvested from PA, SC, NC, and from CoSM property. The types of vine harvested were wild grape, bittersweet, wisteria, Boston Ivey, honeysuckle and Virginia creeper. There is also a combination of some various sticks and branches found on CoSM. The word Ivy kept coming up over and over during the first part of the build, almost as an unintentional invocation. Thus the name was provided. The "blonde" portion of her "dress" is Boston Ivey. The "blonde" portion in her hair is honeysuckle. Over time it will likely brown, but the color variations will remain for a long while. Ivy is the daughter of the D'Vine Man and the D'Vine Woman Minerva. Much like her mother Minerva, who emerged ready for battle, from her father Jupiter's skull, Ivy emerges from the earth a warrior maiden ready to inspire and explore. Like her father she is sturdy, wild and fierce. Ivy’s name, Hedera helix, comes partly from the ancient Greek word, helix, meaning to twist and turn, to spiral. In nature the ivy vine grows spirally, in the helix, like the spiral of life including DNA. Its spiral growth links us to the goddess and the strong life-force pulsing from the Earth. Ivy represents the embracing and confining female principles of life. Ivy is about exchange. Ivy also represents the wandering of the soul in its search for enlightenment and reminds us to embrace the inner child, to play, explore and celebrate the innocence of freedom. Once there was one, the D'Vine Man. Through creative inspiration and divine guidance, D'Vine Woman emerged. Their vines grew slowly over time, together through the earth side by side until one day they merged and from that merging sparked D'Vine Child, Ivy. Now there are three. May these three continue to guard the land of CoSM and bless all.
"CoSM welcomes people of all religions and affirms the mystic core of compassion at the heart of all sacred paths." World Lotus - Mirrored Wall Plaque, now available >> . Words and original art by Alex Grey. Photo by @alexaspaddy Produced in collaboration with @danschaubdesigns . . #worldreligions #interfaith #lotus #unity #cosm #entheon #chapelofsacredmirrors #visionaryart #lasercut
Cool light bath portrait featuring "Net of Being." Photo by, @kingmallard with model, @livjones22
#throwbackthursday to when Net of Being was in progress back in the Brooklyn studio.
Gratitude for the support of the new "Ecstasy" Limited Release Visionary Art Blankets 🙏 Only a handful of these are still available. Grab yours from the CoSM Shop before they're gone >> link in bio . . #ecstasylithograph #artblanket #visionaryart #cosm #chapelofscaredmirrors #ecstasy #visionary #entheon
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