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1993-95, 72 x 56 in. oil on linen.
In the painting, Prostration, a sphere of light sends out finger-like projections of purifying “holy fire” through the supplicant’s will centers (back chakras). Surrounding the flames of purification are various helper beings from subtle dimensions acting as assistants to the removal of obstacles to self-realization. Making appearances are such beings as Ganesha, the elephant headed tantric deity of India, a Tibetan Buddhist vajra dakini, Thoth, the symbol of occult magician Hermes Trismegistus, Garuda, transcendental bird of the yogis, the Barak, a feminine headed mule which took Mohammed on his fateful ride to heaven on the night he had his vision which led to writing the Koran, a Christian angel and dove of the holy spirit, etc. The obstacles are themselves portrayed as specific demons, such as mockery, greed, jealousy, anger, sloth, blasphemy and lust which scitterscatter through the shadow of the prostrate figure.
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