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1986, 180 x 60 in. acrylic on linen.
The Union of Human and Divine Consciousness Weaving the Fabric of
Space and Time In Which the Self and Its Surroundings Are Embedded

During deep meditation, I entered a state where all energy systems in my body were completely aligned and flowing. It was in this state that I envisioned Theologue. I was wearing a Mindfold which allowed me to stare into total darkness. I stared into an infinite regress of electric perspective grids that radiated from my brain/mind and led to the horizon. A mystic fire engulfed me. Across the horizon all I could see were perspective lines going into deep space. I was seeing both the perceptual grid of my mind on which space and time are woven, and the universal mind which was both the source and the weaving loom. At this moment, faintly, Himalayan mountains appeared. Transparent, but present, they formed a vast and beautiful panorama and then disappeared back into the grid.
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