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1993, 60 x 90 in. frame 104 x 156 in. oil on linen.
In Transfiguration the body appears to be solid flesh starting at the feet; moving up the legs it becomes increasingly transparent until the body suddenly enters a huge glowing rainbow-lattice hypersphere. The lower legs represent the two paths that lead to survival or self-destruction for the universal human. Yet even if our worldly path leads to self-destruction, on a transcendental level we are already liberated. Within the hypersphere the body appears to be a glowing grid inside of which jewel-like chakra centers are suspended. The center of the sphere corresponds to a crown jewel chakra, the radiant diamond mind of spiritual perception. The following is a description of the events leading up to the painting of Transfiguration. Early one morning I awoke from a dream. In the dream I had been painting a piece called Transfiguration. The painting had a simple composition, consisting of two opposing spherical curves connected
by a figure. Floating above the earth sphere, a human, who was fleshly at the feet, became gradually more translucent. At about groin level it “popped” into a bright, hallucinogenic crystal sphere. This inspiration provided by the dream was underscored later that week when I smoked dimethyltryptamine (DMT) for the first time. As I inhaled the immediately active and extremely potent psychedelic, I experienced the transfigured subject of my painting firsthand. In my vision my feet were the foundation of the material world. As I inhaled, the material density of my body seemed to dissolve and I “popped” into the bright world of living geometry and infinite spirit. I noticed strange jewel-like chakra centers within my glowing wire-frame spirit body and spectral colors that were absent from my dream painting. I was in my future painting and was being given an experience of the state so I could better re-create it.
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