When I see my future parents in Union,
may I see the peaceful and wrathful buddhas and their consorts;
with power to choose my birthplace, for the good of others,
may I receive a perfect body adorned with auspicious signs.

Obtaining for myself a perfect human body,
may all who see and hear me at once be liberated;
may I not follow all my evil karma,
but follow and increase what merit I may have.

Wherever I am born, at that very place,
may I meet the yidam of this life face to face;
knowing how to walk and talk as soon as I am born,
may I attain the power of non-forgetfulness and remembrance of past lives.

In all the stages of learning, high, middle and low,
may I understand just by hearing, thinking and seeing;
wherever I am born, may that land be blessed,
so that all sentient beings may be happy.


1 Attraction Alex Grey 2 Penetration Alex Grey 3 Fertilization Alex Grey 4 Buddha Zygote Alex Grey 5 Chromasomes Alex Grey 6 DNA Buddhas Alex Grey 7 Mitosis Buddha Alex Grey
Embryo Alex Grey Embryo Alex Grey 11 Embryo Alex Grey 12 Embryonic Alex Grey 13 Embryo Alex Grey 15 Embryo Alex Grey 16 Embryo Alex Grey
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