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Let Love Draw the Line

Drawing the line,
The Boundary line
Between this form and that
Is what the mind does.

Our minds are artists,
always drawing lines.

Making decisions, differentiating
One thing from another,
Calling it something.

This is the way we know.
This is how we think.

We define
by drawing the line.

And by drawing the line
The artist inside is making a work of art.

A magnificent Illusion
of distinct and various forms,
Nicely separated by boundary lines.

But is this picture of reality drawn by the mind
a picture of truth?

Because when we draw the line
We can't help but notice differences.

We separate.

We oppose.

We dramatize.

We exaggerate.

We add colors.

We make it beautiful.

We make it ugly.

We separate.

We oppose,
When we draw boundary lines.

Let us return to the blank page again.
Prior to all the lines.
The Uncreated blankness
Could be the Ultimate Ground.

Indeed, prior to all the lines,
The stainless ground,
The infinite Vastness is perfect
Just as it is.

Yet how can we know it,
How can we see it,
How can we share it,
Unless we draw a line around it?

The soul interjects itself as the bounding line
Or the bonding line
Between the Vastness of the ground
and the limits of the body.

The Soul is the aura
Welding figure to ground.
The ground is boundless,
We are framing the boundless.

The skin surrounds and binds the ground,
The holy ground that knows no bounds.

How can the ground that knows no bounds
Be bound within a skin surround?

Behold, Just Behold.

To speechlessly and artlessly
Behold the Infinite One,
The inseparable ground
from whence all forms are drawn,
Dissolves the tyranny of separation,
The war of opposites,
Caused by drawing lines.
Recognize the still serene
Hub of the turning cosmos
As the deathless light of love
In your own heart,
The lines this light draws, include everything,
Creating patterns which connect.

The lines it draws weave the world together
And always arise from the boundless ground.

All Beings and Things are radiances interweaving,
Seamlessly welded to the boundless ground.

Between our fear of failure
And our ultimate potential
We are called to action,
A line must be drawn.

Commit to Realization
And experimentation,
Stay centered in the Uncreated
Source of Creation,
Leave the critics behind.

Let Love draw the line.
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