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Praise be to the Song of Art

To praise the Creator
We sing our songs
God of Gods, Source of Sources
Moving atomic and cosmic forces
Hearts are pumping bloody praise

Through our veins
Your nameless name
And boundlessness
Echo in each beating breast
Drumming your eternal Song

Meaning counters meaningless
And dreams make sense uncommonly deep
Your fury most mysterious
Your voice we hear in every breath
I can't be worth your trouble, Lord
I have such flaws and qualities bad
Can't concentrate and remain with you

Mind wanders away

Finds things to do

God, help me hear your Song

Only You can write a poem
Only You can paint a masterpiece
Only You radiate from works of genius

The artist becomes transparent to God
Makes themselves nothing
An empty grail filled with God's light
Nectar of the arts

A single secret drop
Can change the course of art history
Entire cultures change overnight from one drop
To see through a drop of spiritual light

Makes infinity visible
Is the consolation of the soul
In its painful task of flight and descent
From Heaven to Earth to Hell and back
The soul dreams itself awake
And what strange dreams you artists make
Culture is our collective dream
God's promise of union with the All
And history's nightmare of our fall
Echo from unconscious ground
Through poet's tongue
And musicians sound
The painters touch and smell the vision
While millions doze, watching television

Forgive us for all our ignorance

Wake us now
To dance your dance and hear your drum
Help us fix this mess, thy kingdom come
Don't desert us now as we have You

I call for all who never call
Shock us awake!
Allow us to see You, feel You
Never separate from You, let us
Love You with all our creative heart
And sing You through our song of art

Praise, praise be the Song of Art!
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