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Seven Statements on Mystic Art

1. Mystic Art is spirit expressed into matter. A mystic artist

receives and transmits revelation, providing their art as a medium

for messages from the divine matrix of Creation.


2. Mystic Art establishes a visual covenant with receptive viewers,

validating the boundless state, and opening a portal back to Spirit.


3. The highest motivation for creating art is Transcendental

Inspiration, which naturally arises out of Spiritual Intoxication,

the ecstatic love of God, and the intention to share visions

to benefit others.


4. Mystic Art affirms the holy mystery and the ideals of truth,

goodness and beauty. No other artistic ideal can fulfill the longing

soul like the creation and appreciation of relevant sacred art.


5. Mystic Art exudes spiritual nectar, luminous food for the soul.

Busy eyes taste the nectar and return for sweet nourishment.


6. By projecting forms which are crystallized visions of spiritual

illumination, Mystic Art helps engineer higher mind states in the

viewer. Relevant sacred art renews the subtle light body surrounding

and interpenetrating our physical body. Our subtle body is purified,

uplifted and healed by visually absorbing deity and ideal forms.


7. Presence of Ultimate Reality absorbed through Mystic Art helps

magnetize the viewer toward their own spiritual template and

Supreme Identity.
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