The Gift


Go within Noble Soul.

Find that God is in your heart

Open the eyes of your heart

And see that I AM.

I AM with you always.

You can never be lost.

Come home, Noble Soul

To the seat in your heart.


See that all my children

Are here to love you.

Each in their own unique way.

That is my Gift.

See that we are all Sacred Mirrors.


Brothers and Sisters,

Each of us here today,

Each of you has a Gift.

Learn your Gift.

Listen to your heart.

Let God take seat there

As your Saviour,

As your Guide,

As your friend.


Be centered and know that


I have always been.

I will always be.


I AM you,

The true Self,

Your own GodSelf in your heart.


I rest in the throne of your chest

Until time to depart the body.

Then I rest in the throne of Heaven.

Can you hear me?

Listen to your heart,

To know your Gift.

Each Gift is for divine service,

Creative service in Friendship

With Community.


Share your Gift

No matter what judgment

Your small self puts on it.

Your Gift is my Gift to you.

Treasure it.

Respect it.

Come home and work with it.

Don't forget it.

Don't pretend you don't have it.


Search your heart.

Search within.

Listen to me.

Know your Gift.

Hear it clearly

From the Glory Seat.

Rest assured your Gift is Unique

And can be joined with the Gifts of others

For the Uplifting,

The Great Uplifting.


All Souls are conjoined.

When one realizes itself,

The others are stirred

By the presence of Infinite Love

That shimmers through the

Web of Souls.

Each is uplifted,

Recognizes and realizes

It's true position

In the love field.


This is my Garden.

You were planted into Life.

You grow toward recognition

Of your own Godhood

In the Garden,

Among all the other Gods.

And since we are One

They are you,

Sacred Mirrors.


Free you are

To always love each other,

If you stay rooted in the Garden

I have planted.

If you imagine

You are in another place,

Without Souls or Gardens

Or friends or Love,

Your path home will be long

And full of lessons of suffering.


Friend, recognize you are already home,

Already you have taken your seat

Among the elect.

You elect yourself to the Glory seat

By becoming God Conscious Now.

GodSelf sits on the throne

On earth as in Heaven.

The Garden is Heaven on earth.

Wake up and see,

You are already in the Garden


The Emerald Mantle

Is an investiture vestment,

A Garment for the Testament.

The Newer Testament.

The Newer Testament is how GodSelf

Is incarnating in you now.

Or if you prefer,

Christ Consciousness

Or, if you prefer,

Buddha Mind

Or the Vast Expanse

Or if you prefer,

Primordial presence.


What ever name you call me

I AM the presence

The ultimate mystery of

The Source of Creation

Speaking to you and to community

When you wear the Emerald mantle.

Imagine yourself as GodSelf

In every creature.

All of you are sitting in the seat of Glory

As I shine in you.


Recognize your gift.

Bring it forward in loving service

To your Brothers and Sisters.

Share your Gifts.

How shall you live together?

Live in Peace with each other.

Do not conspire to deceive each other.

God knows your thoughts.


You are already forgiven

Once you recognize

Your deluded separation trance.


The Garden of Friendship

In Soul Service

Grows when the sun is shining.

The Sun, your true awakening,

A higher Light, is present in

The Garden of Spiritual interplay.

The Sun is in your heart in

The Seat of the Soul.

You can shine your love

Of the Holy Sun

On each other in the Garden

And each will Grow.


You may build a symbol of

The Glory Seat,

The Seat of the Soul,

The throne of Love,

For recognizing your own GodSelf.

When you come home as I AM.

You reign over your life

As the King or Queen you ARE.

Get centered in your GodSelf.

Take the Throne of Glory.


Listen for inner Guidance

Toward your Gift.

Listen beyond your small self.

GodSelf is the Shining Presence in the Soul.

The Shining Presence is Infinite Love.

Love is the Gift yet it

Comes in many forms.

All are made of Love.

The arts are made of Love.

All your creations are my creations.


We share one GodSelf

As the Creative Force.

To know I AM

Is to manifest I AM.

Sing me.

Dance me.

Paint me.

Tell a story about me.

Free the people

From the drudgery of the smaller self,

From the tyranny of the smaller self.

Create the world as GodSelf,

Free and Liberated.

The Field of Love.


Channel the creative force

For the highest good

For the greatest number.

Listen for the Gift,

Then act on behalf of

Your brothers and sisters.

Put into action

The Gift for the Uplifting.


Attune to GodSelf.

Align with GodSelf.

Act as GodSelf,

And your Creations will shine with my presence.

These become Gifts for the Uplifting.

You cannot live for yourself alone anymore.

Your mission is for the Uplifting Now.

Each is called.

Listen Deeply.

I AM with you always.

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